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Fanny Pack

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MJV's fun fanny pack (includes 1 MJV button pin)!

This sturdy hip-pack has an adjustable waistband that can accommodate most sizes.

  • Strap:  37.5" Fully Extended

  • Size of pack: 6.5"x 8"x 1"

Color: Bright Gooseberry

This pack features a mesh pocket inside to help you keep things organized in your bag. There is a nylon inner lining to keep your things safe and dry!

LOLA Brand's fanny pack is the perfect bag to wear for any outdoor occasion. It is a convenient bag to wear hiking or while collecting data for community science programs or for just a stroll around your neighborhood! Our lifecycle cards fit perfectly in the pack, with room for your phone, wallet, and anything else you may need. 

Best of all, this hip-pack is eco-friendly! It is made out of recycled nylon material.

All Fanny Packs include one MJV button pin to attach!