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Digital Download: Monarchs and More Curriculum Guides - 5th Edition

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DIGITAL COPY-- Monarchs and More Curriculum Guides

New 5th edition now available! This curriculum will guide you in doing inquiry in your classroom and engaging students in a variety of outdoor activities aligned to better meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Separate guides for Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, and Middle School, each include age-specific projects on butterfly life cycles, monarch migration, ecology, and conducting experiments. Each guide includes extensive background information, with sections on monarch biology. Lessons include both teacher and student pages. There is an appendix with a glossary, tips for teaching outdoors, and black-line drawings that can be copied for student handouts.

K-2 Guide: 152 pages

3-5 Guide: 192 pages 

Middle School Guide: 185 pages

You will be sent a digital copy of the curriculum in 1-7 business days. It cannot be duplicated or distributed. You must enter a valid email address during checkout for us to be able to send you the guidebook file.

You can find the 3-5 Guide in Spanish as a digital copy HERE.