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Habitat Signs

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The MJV is proud to produce a series of 5 beautiful habitat signs for you to install in your monarch/pollinator habitat. These colorful signs are sure to make anyone passing by stop and read the sign to learn more about your garden/habitat. Help educate others about monarch & pollinator conservation efforts by installing these vibrant signs in your native pollinator habitat! No need to certify your habitat to purchase and install these signs.

All 5 signs have QR codes that are unique to each sign type--each sign design leads to a different part of our website where you can learn more about the topic of the sign. 

Buy the full set at a discounted price*, or just buy the ones you want for $25 a sign!

*Discounted Price: $15 off if you purchase all 5 signs ($110 instead of $125).

Sign options:

  • Plant Pollinator Habitat (no text)
  • Why Native Plants?
  • Garden for Pollinators
  • Plant Milkweed
  • Monarchs Need our Help!

Sign Specs:

  • These signs have 2 vertical drilled holes for you to easily attach them to a signpost or fence
  • They are made of aluminum & are weatherproof
  • Size: 8"x10"
  • Does NOT include mounting hardware (nails/screws/zip ties or signpost). We recommend steel fence U posts or tall wood landscape stakes (posts). You can find the materials to mount your sign at your local hardware store.

Questions about how to install or improve your native pollinator habitat? Visit our habitat page for resources to guide you. 

Designed by David Ragan. Explore his work here: Interested in working with David for your graphic design needs? Contact him via email at

Photos of our signs installed on posts outdoors by Ken Rapp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mark Letizi
sign review

nice but a little larger would be nicer

Tess Vermeys

Nice color, good metal sign. Very happy with them. Havent put them out yet so not sure how they will hold up with the weather but seem like they will be fine.

A. Shortridge

I love these signs. They are beautiful and high quality. I am excited to share the information on the signs with anyone who passes by our lawn!

Julie Busch
Could be larger...

Nice signs, but would like larger signs to be available as I live on a busy street where neighbors slow down to look rather than walk by... which means they are unable to read the small signs. : (
Larger with less detail... for the drivebys. For consideration of our dense urban environments.

Barbra Bishop
Native Pollinator Habitat Sign

Absolutely love my new Native Pollinator Habitat Sign! It arrived quickly and is even prettier in person! The artwork and design really is lovely and beautifully reflects the essence and importance of native habitats, nature's pollinators, and features the beloved Monarch butterfly! Looks great in my garden!