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Handouts: Science Collection

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This collection of handouts covers topics related to monarch science and research.

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP) Informational Handout

  • This handout provides an overview of the MLMP, and gives information about how everyone can get involved with monitoring.

Monarch Community Science

  • Learn about volunteer contributions to understanding an iconic insect and some of the main monarch community science programs to get involved in.

Which community science program is right for you?

  • This handout provides information on monarch community science programs to help potential participants select a program that aligns with their interests and abilities. Pair this with the MJV Monarch Community Science handout for more context on the contribution community science programs have made to our knowledge of monarchs and their habitats. Thank you to all the programs listed and to the Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative for their contributions to this document's development.

Potential Risks of Growing Non-Native Milkweeds for Monarchs

  • This fact sheet describes the risks of growing exotic milkweed for monarchs, including the spread of the monarch parasite OE in locations where exotic milkweed can grow year-round.

Rearing Monarchs: Why or Why Not?

  • Motivation is high to save monarch populations, but informally rearing monarchs at home is not the way to do it. While captive rearing has been successful in laboratory settings for other at-risk species, this approach is not yet warranted for monarchs, and recent research illustrates that informal captive rearing by individuals may pose significant risks to monarchs, including disease and lower migration success.

Monarch Conservation: How to Get Involved

  • Monarchs are in serious decline and an all-hands-on-deck approach is needed to protect their amazing migratory phenomenon. Everyone can contribute to monarch conservation through habitat creation, educating others, participating in research, or financial contributions to conservation groups. This handout provides an overview of monarch conservation and what you can do to get involved in many ways to support monarchs.