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Handouts: Western Habitat collection

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This collection of handouts will help anyone living in the western monarch population's region (west of the Rockies) learn how to create and manage their western habitat.

Western Monarch Conservation: How to Get Involved

  • Monarch populations west of the Rocky Mountains have reached a precarious new low. Conservation efforts are accelerating, and everyone can lend a hand.

Mowing and Management: Best Practices for Monarchs

  • This handout provides regional timeframes during which management activities such as mowing may be less detrimental to local monarch populations.

Gardening for Monarchs

  • This informational flyer provides tips on how to create a garden that will attract monarchs and other butterflies and pollinators.

Plant Milkweed: Milkweed Information Sheet

  • This resource includes photos with habitat information for milkweed species common to each U.S. region. Find species known to be well-used by monarchs, and easy to establish in gardens and fields in your region.

Grow & Sell Native Milkweed

  • This handout provides the public, gardeners, and plant growers and nurseries with a concise description of the importance of native milkweeds and their value to monarchs and to the plant industry.

Potential Risks of Growing Non-Native (Tropical) Milkweed

  • This fact sheet describes the risks of growing exotic milkweed for monarchs, including the spread of the monarch parasite OE in locations where exotic milkweed can grow year-round.