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Learning from Monarchs

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Learning From Monarchs: A Teacher's Handbook

Author: Ba Rea

There are as many ways to use monarchs in the classroom as there are teachers interested in giving them a try. Monarchs offer a compelling introduction to insect life cycles, the intricacies of ecosystems and food webs, and the balance of nature. They can be the focus of a profound inquiry science project, complete with math and graphing skills, which can connect students with an international community of citizen scientists. They can also be an exciting journaling theme, a catalyst for understanding geography and human culture, a dynamic study in ethics, and a wonderful subject for art and design. This text is intended as a starting point for teachers interested in using monarchs in their classrooms. It introduces concepts and information that will be useful as you design your own monarch lessons.

42 pages. Full color.

Published by Bas Relief, LLC (July 26, 2010).