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¡Monarca, Ven! Juega Conmigo

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Ba Rea ha creado una narrativa sensible e interactiva que se centra en las preguntas y respuestas entre una monarca y una niña. A medida que la monarca pasa por el metamorfosis de larva a adulto, la niña compara sus propias necesidades y actividades con las de la monarca. Las ilustraciones son exquisitamente simples, científicamente precisas y verdaderamente un placer a admirar. Desde preescolares hasta adultos, personas de TODAS las edades quedarán cautivadas por este nuevo y hermoso libro.

A note from the author:
"Monarch Come Play with Me is my first work in which the illustratiions have fully imbedded photographs. The original text and illustrations were part of my Master's Thesis in writing on natural history subjects for kids. All of those illustrations were sketches and paintings, but when I got the opportunity to publish it I had several more years of teaching teachers how to use monarchs in the classroom behind me and my priorities had changed. The book was written for a pre-school through second grade audience and it was really important to me that the illustrations would offer a lot more to explore and discover than the words, crafted for an early second grade audience, could carry. I have an extensive collection of photographs of monarchs that I use for teaching teachers and doing school programs so I incorporated them directly into the illustrations. I kept the painterly illustration style for the flexibility and more lyrical quality. After I got over beating myself up for not doing "purely art" illustrations I actually really liked the results and will use it again for future pieces. I have posted a free full color pdf file on the website ( that is a guide for teachers and parents. It basically goes through the book page by page and tells you what is going on in the pictures so that you can answer kids' questions as they find things in the pictures. Hope you all enjoy it!" -- Ba Rea

Published: May 2011

Language: Spanish (Español)

Pages: 32 (32 paginas)