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The Garden Next Door

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The Garden Next Door

Written by Collin Pine

Illustrated by Tiffany Everett

"Bored and hot on a lazy summer day, three young children watch as birds, bees, and butterflies zoom past them, over their fence, and into their neighbor’s mysterious yard. But there are no birds or bugs in their yard. And, the neighbor’s yard glows with fireflies at night, while their yard is dark. Well, the kids are determined to find out why...and maybe make some changes to bring a little wilderness to their backyard.

A great introduction to wild gardens, pollinators, and nature conservation, young readers will see how simple and beautiful changes to their environment can have a profound impact on the animals and insects that share our world." (River Horse Publishing)

32 pages - 9” x 11”
Jacketed Hardcover
ISBN: 9781956844016
Published November 1, 2022