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Rain Garden Native Plant Kit

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We are now accepting orders for 2024! 

MNL will be shipping the first round of plants in May or the beginning of June (dependent on growing conditions). They will send you an email containing shipping information when they have shipped it.

Make your yard into a beautiful monarch and pollinator habitat!

This flat of 36 native monarch-friendly plants is for orders within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, eastern Nebraska, and a selection of zip codes in Michigan (49801, 49802, 49858, 49870, 49876, 49938). You can check to see if you live in an area where these plants can be shipped here: Plant Shipping Zones (Zip Code List)

With the Rain Garden Kit, you can turn what otherwise might be unsightly and unattractive stormwater runoff areas into beautiful, lush, native habitat with many
environmental benefits. Designed perfectly for smaller, contained runoff areas.  Enjoy bright and vibrant blossoms throughout the growing season. Expect to attract a wide variety of insects and pollinators to your rain garden, including Monarch Butterflies!

Consider planting at the edge of parking lots, driveways, and any other areas with concentrated runoff.

Each kit covers a 40-60 square foot area. Best to plant in a sunny area.

Check out the MJV Guide on Creating Healthy Pollinator Habitat in the Midwest HERE for guidance. 

There are 6 different species included in the kit (you will get 6 of each species, for a total of 36 plants), and the plants could be a selection of any of these species (the kits are Growers choice, and the actual contents are decided by MNL when they fulfill the kit):

  • Swamp Milkweed
  • Marsh Marigold
  • Rattlesnake Master
  • Boneset
  • Northern Blue Flag Iris
  • Joe-Pye Weed
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Prairie Blazing Star
  • Winged Loosestrife
  • Monkey Flower
  • Obedient Plant
  • Meadowsweet
  • Blue Vervain
  • Culver's Root
  • and more!

Orders are fulfilled by our partner, Minnesota Native Landscapes.

Questions about this kit? Please email

We recommend adding educational signage to your planting area to help your community learn why they should plant native and for pollinators! 

You can purchase our beautiful habitat signage here:

MJV Habitat Signs

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